FIRE-Path Expat

A US Expat's FIRE Journey

Portfolio Of A New FIRE-Path USA Expat

In this post, I have covered my starting portfolio as a US expat. I say “starting portfolio” because I know I will modify this as I invest more time and money($) into it. I want to share this post to show the path I took to reach where I eventually reach. This post will talk about FIRE with investment in US-based Exchange Traded Fund(ETFs) and stocks. Up to now, on this website, I have posted about the basics of the FIRE path.

My FIRE number - How to calculate your FIRE number?

In the previous post I discussed what is FIRE and also briefly discussed the formula for FIRE number calculation. Inspired by the post at Firepathlion blog, I’m going to share my FIRE number. I will try to be as realistic about my expenses and FIRE number as possible. Why does anyone need a FIRE number? Often the way to save for retirement has been - save as much as you can until you are working and when you are retired - start using your requirement savings.

What is Fire?

FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early Would you believe me If I tell you there is a way to live your life fulfilling all your needs but also save in a way that you can be financially independent and never have to work again? FIRE movement or FIRE path is a way to reach a financial point where your savings and investments alone earn enough for you to take care of all expenses.